Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Today marks the first day of the last month of the year. So crazy! And so exciting. I may or may not be doing a little bit of this around my office today.

Today also marks World Aids Day. I wrote a post last year (that was very special to me) about one of my best friends, who at the time was an OBGYN resident, and her experience with an HIV-positive needle stick- take a minute to check it out here.

The theme of this year's World Aid's Day is 'Getting to Zero' with a focus on "zero new HIV infections. zero discrimination. zero AIDS-related deaths."

What can you do?? Become educated about HIV and AIDS prevention. Support efforts to end human trafficking and commercial sex exploitation. Read up, donate funds, raise awareness.

Here are some links to check out for more info:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- HIV/AIDS Factsheets

The One Campaign 

World Health Organization (WHO)- HIV Global Report 2011


  1. Meredith - what a powerful post! The incidence of AIDS is so misunderstood and stigmatized, so I love the reminder in this post and the one you linked to from last year, that so much of it's transmission occurs in situations where human rights are being violated.

    Two of my favorite organizations are called Not for Sale and eXile International - they both do a lot of work defending people who don't have the means to defend themselves. You should check them out - they seem right up your alley :)

  2. Hi Elisabeth!:) Thanks so much! You are so right about what you said!! I will have to check out eXile International- I am familiar with Not for Sale and it is an awesome organization! Thanks for reading- loved meeting you Sunday:)