Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eating Disorders Common For Those Over 50??

One common myth about eating disorders is that they only occur amongst teenagers. Recent research has continued to indicate otherwise! Eating disorders do not discriminate, and people of all ages develop eating disorders. There has been a lot of attention in the news this past week about a study published in the latest issue of the International Journal of Eating Disorders. This study, conducted by the University of North Carolina's Eating Disorder Program, found that 62% of women over the age of 50 reported that their weight had a negative impact upon their life. 70% reported that they were trying to lose weight and many reported eating disordered behaviors. Many believe that just because they are no longer an adolescent, they must not really have an eating disorder. This research serves to validate that this is not the case. For those of you- of any age- who are struggling, you are not alone. The study concluded that more research needs to be done, which will help to equip health professionals and doctors in order that eating disorders can be diagnosed and addressed sooner for those who are suffering. 

For more info on this study, you can check out the following articles:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Below you can find the links to some great articles that have surfaced in the last few weeks- enjoy!!

Body Image: I Love How I Look-- In a World That Doesn't by Jenni Schaefer via the Huffington Post
*a must-read for anyone struggling with body image!!!

Families Don't Cause Eating Disorders, But Can Be Critical to Lasting Eating Disorders Recovery by Kenneth L. Weiner via the Huffington Post
*a great read for parents and family members of those suffering.

More Women Using Social Networking Site Pinterest to Feed Eating Disorders via CBS News
*be mindful of potentially triggering images in video attached to the story...

*another good one on body image!

The Skinny by Scarlett Johansson via the Huffington Post
*for whatever reason, this article has been circulating lately but it was written 3 years ago- still a great read!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Self-Care Revisited

I've gotten a few questions recently about whether or not I've quit blogging, about whether I've lost interest in it, or if I have finally just run out of things to say about body image (the answer on that last one would be no- haha). Since January, life has just gotten (even) busier, and I have been working hard at trying to maintain some sense of balance. One thing that I am constantly emphasizing to my clients is the necessity of practicing self-care. My lack of consistent blogging lately has been a result of trying to practice self-care, and taking more time for other things! While I love (LOVE) to blog, I have been investing more time with my practice than ever before, as well as making more time in my life for other things that are important to me. I am learning that saying 'no' to good things is often difficult, but is important and needs to happen from time to time.

I wrote a post awhile back about self-care, and thought I would link to it here. Below are some great definitions of self-care.

Personal health maintenance- via Wikipedia.

Choosing behaviors that balance the effects of emotional and physical stressors- via Psychology Today

Decisions and actions that an individual can take to cope with a health problem or to improve his or her health- via Answers

One really important thing that I want to highlight about self-care (as noted in the article above linked to Psychology Today) is that it is NOT about pampering, or indulging one's self. I think we often view 'self-care' as a luxury, and while it can feel that way, self-care is about taking care of the basic needs that allow us to remain or maintain physical and mental health. Sometimes we can experience guilt in taking the time to care for ourselves, but it is crucial to do so if we want to be the best versions of ourselves!

And as a side note, while I have been busy, I have not quit blogging. I miss blogging and plan to blog just a little bit more regularly than I have been lately. Check back soon for more posts!