Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's fashion week in New York City, and Catherine Pearson of the Huffington Post wrote a pretty solid article addressing a very common myth... Fashion and Eating Disorders: How Much Responsibility Does the Industry Have?? Does the fashion industry cause eating disorders? If not, what role does it play in the development of eating disorders?

This article reiterates the fact that the fashion industry does not cause eating disorders. But it does address the unhealthy ideal that the fashion industry creates and the triggering nature of this ideal for those who may be struggling already, or who are genetically predisposed to developing an eating disorder. To read more, follow this link. Just a warning to readers- there are a few potentially triggering images of models at the top of this article- I am super careful about what I put on my blog because I never want to trigger anyone. So please view with care.

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