Friday, February 26, 2010

The Body Image Project!

This week has been a really busy one, and it is not over yet- which means that National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is still going strong! I received an email from Tiffany, who is the woman behind the Body Image Project- a really cool website and organization that I have written about before (click here to read my post and here to check out the Body Image Project). The mission of her site is to help people reframe and reshape the way they feel and think about their bodies. I want to quote her because I think she said it best- We want to hit the message home that if you do one thing this week, participate. Share your story. Help spread the word. Encourage positive body image and take control of your own advocacy …your right to be happy, healthy and thrive in your own skin. I love the attitude behind this statement. It starts with each one of us as individuals!

What can you do? Be intentional about reminding yourself what you value and like about your body and yourself each day. I read an interview that Jenni Schaefer gave recently and she said that she encourages people (including herself!) to think about what your body can do for you- instead of focusing on your individual body parts and criticizing them, consider what purpose these body parts serve for you and how lucky we are to have functioning bodies. She also said the following (so great!)-"Realize that your body is just a vehicle for life. I've heard people say it's like an earth suit. It's what you get to wear to walk around and experience the world." I think that is a cute, unique and helpful way to think about our bodies. To read the most recent blog post written by Tiffany at the Body Image Project, follow this link to read her thoughts on National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. And remember, do just one thing this week!! No matter how big or small, you can make a difference by doing one thing.

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