Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Rules of "Normal Eating"

Karen R. Koenig's book The Rules of "Normal Eating" is a great book for anyone who has struggled with dieting, overeating, undereating, emotional eating and anything in between, as the cover of her book (pictured to the left) attests:). There are few books that address the variety of topics that she does in her book, of which include challenging irrational beliefs about food, eating, weight and our bodies. She identifies the differences between physical and emotional hunger, and outlines intuitive eating.

The four rules of eating that she says define a 'normal eater':
1- You eat when you are hungry.
2-You choose foods that you believe will satisfy you.
3-You stay connected to your body and eat with awareness and enjoyment.
4-You stop eating when you are full or satisfied.

While this list looks like a fairly simple set of rules to follow, it is much more difficult if you struggle with disordered eating or an eating disorder. Because eating issues and food struggles are not about food, the underlying issues must always be addressed in order for 'normal eating' to occur. For this reason, Koenig encourages the reader to reframe his or her fears and concerns about food and the rules of 'normal eating' -- she walks the reader through this process. If you do struggle with food issues, it is likely that therapy or some kind of support will be a necessary part of the healing and recovery process because reframing fears (along with other issues, such as control, etc) takes time and hard work. However, it is important to have books and resources that help you along on this journey. For more information on 'normal eating' according to Karen Koenig, visit her website at!

**The four rules were taken from page 20 of her book...

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