Thursday, October 22, 2009

Campaign For Real Beauty

Dove launched a global campaign back in 2004 that is now known as the DOVE Campaign for Real Beauty--I thought it was definitely worth mentioning for many reasons. The purpose of this campaign is to bring about change on a widespread scale by encouraging women to discuss and explore the definition of true beauty, as well as broaden the stereotypes that they hold about beauty. According to statistics compiled from a global study performed by Dove, only 2% of women believe they are beautiful. They also found that the majority of women define beauty as being thin, young and blonde. Based on these statistics and others (which can be accessed on Dove's website), Dove decided to take action by targeting young girls for the purpose of helping to address the issue of self-esteem.

There are many great resources on this site for young girls as well as teenagers, including quizzes, blogs, videos and more. These can be accessed by visiting Dove's website at

One of my favorite things that Dove has done is to produce a few short videos that explore our perception of beauty, as well as how the media influences our perceptions of what is beautiful. I will post a few links so that you can view them if you would like. They are really great! The first one is called Evolution and documents a photo shoot from beginning to end, including the final image that we, as consumers/society, end up viewing. You can watch it by clicking HERE. The second one is my favorite- it gives me chills!! Click HERE to view it.

For more information on Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty, visit their website (link above).

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