Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life Without ED

Today's post is dedicated to a book that I think anyone who has ever struggled with an eating disorder (or is currently struggling with one) should read.  Jenni Schaefer, a musician/author/activist, has written this book with the help of Thom Rutledge, a therapist who has counseled her throughout her recovery.

Jenni shares pieces of her personal journey, while also sharing how she has recovered from/learned to manage her eating disorder. She writes about how she has learned to do this with the help of her therapist, who encouraged her to separate herself from her eating disorder, which she affectionately nicknamed ED. 

On her personal website, she has a great page devoted to eating disorder resources/links. Follow this link to check them out. Jenni also has a new book coming out entitled Goodbye Ed, Hello Life.  This book not only focuses on recovery, but the freedom and joy that comes from complete recovery of an eating disorder. She provides hope and encouragement in both books through sharing her experiences and acting as an example that recovery from an eating disorder is possible and that life in recovery can be lived with joy and peace!!

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  1. Meredith, thanks for your support with Life Without Ed. If anyone you know is interested, I am now doing a weekend retreat called Beyond Eating Disorders --- doing the retreat 3 times a year. If you ever want more information about that, just let me know. Thanks. Thom Rutledge