Friday, September 11, 2009

A Follow-Up to Bullying

I recently wrote a post on bullying at school, in which I included a link to an article on increased efforts to understand and prevent bullying at schools. This article can be found here. I wanted to post a follow-up because I have been coming across more articles on bullying since then that are interesting and informative! I wanted to pass them on. The first one is a brief article which highlights a few statistics, as well as a study on bullying that was recently completed in Finland. The study concluded that young people who are bullied typically experience psychiatric problems later in life. To read this brief article, follow this link:

The second article, which can be accessed here,, is an article from Focus on the Family that explores the lasting effects of bullying on adults. The last article is geared towards parents whose children are being bullied. It advocates being vigilant and aware of your child's emotional well-being, as bullying often results in varying degrees of depression. If your child or teenager is experiencing depression, it is wise to seek professional help, either through counseling or other avenues. Follow this link to read.

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  1. bullying is a result at our school often to the little peoplez