Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Below you can find the links to some great articles that have surfaced in the last few weeks- enjoy!!

Body Image: I Love How I Look-- In a World That Doesn't by Jenni Schaefer via the Huffington Post
*a must-read for anyone struggling with body image!!!

Families Don't Cause Eating Disorders, But Can Be Critical to Lasting Eating Disorders Recovery by Kenneth L. Weiner via the Huffington Post
*a great read for parents and family members of those suffering.

More Women Using Social Networking Site Pinterest to Feed Eating Disorders via CBS News
*be mindful of potentially triggering images in video attached to the story...

*another good one on body image!

The Skinny by Scarlett Johansson via the Huffington Post
*for whatever reason, this article has been circulating lately but it was written 3 years ago- still a great read!

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