Sunday, July 10, 2011

St. Baldrick's Follow-Up with Stacey!

Stacey, Pre-Buzz
Remember this post (and this one, too!), where I shared Stacey and Morgan's story?? These two awesome ladies raised some serious cash for St. Baldrick's Foundation, which donates money to aid in cancer research for children. If you are new to their story, they raised 22,000+ dollars by shaving their heads!! I thought this was such a bold and awesome move that serves as a good reminder about how as individuals we can make a difference.

I had the chance to catch up with Stacey post- buzz, and was curious to hear how it went. I was also curious to ask her what it was like being bald! Stacey and I are friends on facebook, and let me tell you- the girl looked beautiful with a bald head. I saw her pictures (Morgan's too!) and they were beautiful. I think even more powerful and beautiful, though, was the act of doing something sacrificial and kind for others. 

Soo, what was Stacey's experience like? Check out some questions I asked her to share with you all below-

Me: What was it like those first few days right before and right after shaving your head? Were any tears shed? Were you nervous/excited?
Morgan, Stacey and Friends Post-Buzz :-)
Stacey: We were both ready to be on the other side. It’s exhausting raising that kind of money! We’d dyed our hair [they died their hair pink and other fun colors!] and the color was starting to fade, and it was getting hot outside! I wasn’t nervous until about 5 minutes before I left for Harris Field, and mostly right before we walked up to the stage, but I still never got as nervous as I had anticipated. I never cried, and at the first swipe of the clippers, all the nervousness was gone. I did have patches of pink on my scalp from the dye, so I wasn’t super happy with my look until I had washed that off. But I’ve gotten used to it. It’s super easy.

Me: How have people responded?
Stacey: The first day, we all went to a bar and ran into this lady who was having her one-year remission cancer party. After talking to us, she went back to her table and took off her wig for the rest of her party because of our 5 bald heads sitting at the bar! That was really awesome. A few days later, Morgan and I were having lunch and a guy came up and asked us if we’d done St. Baldrick’s, and then thanked us and shook our hands. We don’t really get much anymore, as our hair has grown out enough to look like a hairstyle choice. But those two encounters were really awesome for me.

Me: If/How has it changed or reinforced your thoughts/views on what true beauty is?
Stacey: I honestly forget that I’m bald-ish until I catch someone looking at me funny. I won’t leave the house without earrings (because I look like a boy without them), but other than that, I’m really comfortable without my hair. I miss it when I see someone with really pretty long hair, but I haven’t had any episodes of not feeling good about myself. That fact surprises me, but I dig it.

Me: Any interesting challenges that have come up as a result of being bald? or fuzzy? :)
Stacey: The main challenge was how cold it was to not have hair! I had to wear hats and hoodies all the time. Even in 80 degree weather it was cold. I heard that it can burn really easily too, but I never let it get to that point. Now that we’re getting fuzzy, both of those concerns are over. The only thing now is that everybody wants to rub my head…but I kind of like that part. :)

Me: Anything else you want to share with readers???
Stacey: Our team raised over $22,000! Thanks to everybody who helped us get there!

Stacey and Morgan with a little Fuzz :)

For more on St Baldrick's, check out this video clip below or check out their website here.

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