Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy February!! :)

February is here!! And I hope that our furry friend pictured to the left- Mr. Punxsutawney Phil- is right about us having an early Spring this year :-) It might break my heart if he is wrong.. it has been a cold winter and I am ready for some sunshine and warmer temps! While I am definitely excited about a potentially shorter winter, I am also pretty excited about some events coming up a little later this month! National Eating Disorders Awareness Week takes place during the week of February 20-26, and there are some AWESOME events happening in Raleigh. If you are interested in volunteering, or if you are interested in participating in any of the events, please please RSVP or send an email through the website (or feel free to send me an email as well!). Follow this link for more info. 

Here is a list of the upcoming events that will all be held at Meredith College (descriptions of these events are listed in more detail on the Raleigh NEDA Walk website) :

Sunday, February 20th
Scale Smashing Event- 1pm 
Outside Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center 

Monday, February 21st
Art Display and Information Booth
12-4 Cate Center (info booth)
Art displayed all week throughout the Math & Science Atrium

Tuesday, February 22nd
"How to Help Others with Eating Disorders"- A Talk Given by Ellen Morrison, MS, RD/LDN, with a recovered patient.
7pm Ledford Hall

Wednesday, February 23rd
Health Day (for Meredith students only, sorry!!!)

Thursday, February 24th
Film 'Beauty Mark' shown followed by panel discussion! 
7pm in Jones Chapel.

Friday, February 25th
Fashion Show and Art Show
7pm Johnson Hall

These events lead up to the Raleigh NEDA Walk that will take place at Meredith College on April 3! For more information on these events, how to sign up, volunteer, or participate, please follow this link!

One quick disclaimer- the fashion show that will take place on February 25th is not your typical fashion show!! Women have been nominated to walk in the show based on personal accomplishments, leadership skills and exemplary qualities that have stood out to friends, families and co-workers of these women. They will walk, exhibiting and displaying what real beauty looks like. What a cool idea!

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