Sunday, October 10, 2010

Feeling Fat?? 7 Tips from Dr. Susan Albers

I have mentioned my love for the Huffington Post several times in posts past. Well, I want to share an article written by the fabulous Dr. Albers that was published on Friday in light of Tri-Delta's Fat Talk Free Week that is approaching (October 18-22). Dr. Albers is known for her work with mindful eating and has written many great books on the topic. In her article, she presents 7 tips to help you deal when you are feeling fat! Follow this link to check it out!

For a brief overview, her 7 tips are below! They are outlined thoroughly in her article, but just wanted to give you an idea of what you will find...

1. Pump up the music. Drown your inner critic with an empowering song!

2. Join Operation Beautiful. (Check out one of my favorite posts on Operation Beautiful- here!)

3. Lose the F-word. (Stop the fat talk- Fat Talk Free Week is approaching- pledge to eliminate this language from your vocabulary!)

4. Outsmart your thoughts.

5. Get cozy. (Wear clothes that make you feel good and that are comfy!)

6. Take a mindful walk.

7. Name it. (Fat isn't a feeling... so what are you feeling?)

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