Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update on EDC and Michelle Obama

Here is some encouraging and exciting news. If you didn't see my last post, scroll down real quick and skim it- it's pretty short. But I just wanted to follow up because Michelle Obama has listened to the concerns that people have had about her focus on childhood obesity and acknowledged that "The flip side to obesity can be eating disorders and we certainly don't want to enforce the reverse trend," she said. "The campaign 'Let's Move' is not about how our kids look. It's really about how our kids feel and our health." This is good news for all of us. Health and how we all feel is important, and I am glad that she is taking that into consideration as she moves forward with her Let's Move Campaign. She also encouraged parents not to focus on weight, or to talk about weight loss, but rather to focus on the overall picture of health. It is great to see that there has been a bit of a shift in her message. And, it also provides us with a reminder that speaking up can make a difference! To see how you can make a difference, follow this link.

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